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The Earl's Daughter

Dark Paranormal Mystery (Vampire Fiction)

'Find out what kind of monster his is, and bring my daughter back to us.'

Michael D'Angelo doesn't normally investigate murder, but since they never found Emma's body, she's technically just a missing person. But he doesn't investigate those either. 

After the Earl of Wolston reads the translation of a sinister and ancient text published on his daughter's blog, in the days leading up to her disappearance, he reaches out to Mr D'Angelo, convinced that evil forces are at work: something beyond the ordinary, something not of this world, something unholy.

Fortunately for Michael, Paranormal Investigations are his specialty. But as Michael unravels Emma's last days, and the secrets inscribed on her blog, strange new entities reveal themselves, and he begins to question whether such knowledge is too dangerous to pursue.

The Rise of the Dark Ones Trilogy is perfect for fans of vampire and paranormal mysteries, psychic investigator thrillers, occult suspense, angels, demons, and lovers of a good twist.

Praise for Rise of the Dark Ones trilogy 


"You will not be able to put it down." -- JE Rogers
"Completely unlike anything I have ever read before." -- Matthew Jenks
"Intriguing and spellbinding." -- Karen Hartsfield-Voliva
"An enjoyable, curl up on the couch with a blanket read that's a little spicy." -- Teresa Coffey
"Thrilling, Haunting & Fascinating!" -- Winter Sophia Rose

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