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The Borderlands: Journey

 YA Contemporary Fantasy

'It is urgent for you to reach the Borderlands. There, you will learn everything you need to know.'


Dale has never felt a sense of belonging. She despises the bullies and snobs at school, and her family are difficult to like, let alone love. Rhys, a new boy at school seems to take an interest in her. But can she trust him? When the only friend she has ever had, Old Man Gareth, is murdered before her eyes, she is set on a frantic journey and a lonely adventure; the Borderlands beckon. But what are the Borderlands? Will she make it to them? And if she gets there, will she belong?


The Borderlands: Journey is a magical fantasy adventure that fantasy fiction fans, particularly older teens and the young at heart, will enjoy. It is the first book in the Contemporary Fantasy series 'The Borderlands'.

Praise for The Borderlands series

"The fantastical elements leap off the page." -- Deidre Metcalf
"The plot contains many twists and turns ending with what the reader would least expect." -- Barbara Mojica
"Strong and fast paced and leaves you no chance to get your feet back on solid ground." -- Teri Hicks
"This story keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense till the very end." -- Lino Mascarucci
"Great coming of age story." -- SB Morales

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