A Writing Update

March 5, 2018

Dragonshade has been published for nearly a month now, and I've gone back to the writing desk.


The Doom of Arlg-Teg is the first installment in the short story trilogy, Iluna's Song. It's set high in the mountains surrounded by a dark and cursed forest. 


I've got two projects in the works. The first is a short story, that's rapidly evolving into a novella. It has no title at the moment, but is the second installment of the short story trilogy, Iluna's Song. This is the follow-up tale to The Raven, and it picks up Iluna's story from the end of that novel. The first story in the trilogy is called The Doom of Arlg-Teg. It's available now as an exclusive gift for newsletter subscribers. If you'd like a copy of The Doom of Arlg-Tegsign up to my monthly newsletter.


In the works, the final installment for 'The Viscount's Son' trilogy. 


After that, I'll be returning to my half-finished manuscript for The Pharaoh's Mistress, the last book in 'The Viscount's Son' trilogy, which *whispering* I hope to publish later this year.


So, that's what's in the works, and they'll keep my busy for the next few months.

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