Dragonshade Cover Reveal

October 9, 2017

It's finally time to unveil the title, cover and (current) blurb for my next release...




Dragonshade will be the second book in the collection of standalone epic fantasies called 'The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic'. It is epic in length as well as genre, and totals 228K words. If you enjoy stories with pretty much everything – action, adventure, love, hate, magic, mystery, and more – all written on a grand scale, you'll eat this one up for breakfast. 


Here's the blurb:


In the sweeping desert realm of Zraemia, an ancient prophecy seems poised to awake – one king will rule all.
The enemy king aspires to the seat of supreme ruler, and most would concede his ascension. But in the smaller western city of Azzuri, one king interprets the prophecy differently. His daughter, a princess and natural-born seer, receives visions from the Goddess herself – visions that tell of a different path for Zraemia.
A new and mysterious ally awaits far to the west, in a land of forests, mountains and shimmering waters. The fabled land exists, if at all, over the Sea of Death, and much will be risked to find it.
Battles between cities are a way of life in Zraemia and alliances are pushed to the brink, but a war like none other is looming. A war between the ambitious and the just, and every city must prepare...


There'll be more news soon, but if you're eager to get access to some chapter sneak peeks, consider signing up for my newsletter.






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