Writing Update

September 18, 2017

Last week, I finally sent off the latest book to beta readers before promptly crumpling into a heap. I always feel drained after finishing a book and getting it to the stage where it's ready for someone else to read, but this book, with its 228K word count, knocked me flat. It took me a full year to write, rewrite, disassemble, reconstruct, edit, edit, edit and edit. It was a wonderful feeling to send it off, and know that I won't have to look at it for a while.


 After a year of writing, I've enjoyed some time out


After putting myself back on my feet, I decided to have a few days off writing altogether. Spring has come to my corner of the world and it was wonderful to get away from the keyboard and into the garden. I'm still not feeling completely rejuvenated, but book sales wait for no author, so this week I've returned to a project that has been awaiting my attention, and outlining the next novel has begun.


The book that holds my attention now is the third book in The Viscount's Son trilogy, called The Pharaoh's Mistress. It will not be a 228K word monstrosity, I'm happy to say, and I hope to release it early next year.


When will we see more information about the 228K word monster? Soon. But if you want a peek now, sign up to my newsletter to get a look at the title, cover and the first few chapters.




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