Top Ten Moments in GoT S7

September 5, 2017

It's been a week since the finale of Game of Thrones Season Seven and I'm still trying to cope with the withdrawal. The fact that Season Eight may not air until 2019 is not helping. I've already re-watched S7 once, so I thought I'd share my favourite moments, and maybe help you get through your own withdrawals. Here they are in chronological order...




#10.  Arya deals with the Freys


The start to the season heralded a number of satisfying moments to come in which some characters gain much longed-for revenge, and injustices of the past are finally accounted for. It caused a little confusion, and in my house the question, 'isn't he supposed to be dead?' was voiced before we quickly realised that Arya was up to her new tricks. Way to wipe out an entire House in Westeros, and few Houses are more deserving.



#9.  Nymeria!


We're still with Arya, in Episode 2 when we get the first of many reunions to come when Arya is faced with a pack of wolves only to recognise their leader, her direwolf, Nymeria. I was super excited about this moment as Nymeria, and her connection to Arya, gets far more attention in the books, and it was great to see the show paying tribute to that. I'm quite certain this isn't the last time we'll see the the direwolf . I expect she'll be snapping her jaws on some white walkers next season.



#8. Oleanna's last words


Episode 3 proved to be a bit of a downer with things going pear-shaped fast for the mother of dragons. I was particularly sad to see one of the great favourites of the show meet her fate. But the Queen of Thorns exercised her wit and sharp tongue to the very end. She reveals her most dangerous secret and manages to deliver another slap in the face to Cersei. And what of her words for Jamie? Interesting how they seem to come into effect at the season's end when he leaves his sister (presumably) to do the right thing.



#7.  Chaos is a ladder


With Bran's return to the Winterfell fold, we realise very quickly that he is not the Bran of Season 6. He really has become the mysterious and aloof figure known as the Three-Eyed Raven who remembers "so much else now." His reunion with Sansa is less than warm, and his parting words to Meera even more 'icy'. Does this mean he is the Night King as the internets would have us believe? I think not. I think he is simply a product of having so much knowledge and understanding of friend and foe alike. His meeting with Littlefinger not only sets the scene for what happens at the season's end, it is also a delightful little moment for the viewer to watch Littlefinger squirm when Bran repeats back to the master puppeteer his very own treacherous words.




#6.  Dragons of Mass Destruction


Still in Episode 4, Dany is sick of Tyrion's 'clever plans' and she itches to use her fire power. She and her Dothrakis meet the Lannister army on their march back from Highgarden. The show makers said they had to make this battle better than the eye-popping craziness of 'The Battle of the Bastards' in Season 6. Well, they achieved that and more. It was awesome!



#5. Drogon meets Jon


It was a small scene in Episode 5, but a very important one. When Jon snow comes face to face with Drogon we see an immediate bond. There's something about Jon the dragon can sense. He sniffs a Targaryen, of course, and it signifies the power that courses through Jon's blood. Targaryens are fond of saying "blood of the dragon,' and it seems Jon has it in spades.



#4. A bittersweet rescue


It was the event we've all been waiting for, and it was so awesome to watch those dragons destroying white walkers en masse. It truly was one of those typical GoT 'yes' moments... that is until it took a turn in another typical GoT direction, and we had to watch a dragon die. So sad.



#3. The Great Detente


Reunions, stares and glares, and white walkers. The talks between the main players was as intriguing as any action scene. It was rewarding to see the hound meet his franken-brother, and to watch all the various reunions unfold with some nice one-liners. Finally, after all our players have gone their separate ways, they are drawn back together in this tight and well-written scene. The horror on Cersei's face when she sees the white walker was what we were all waiting for. Of course, she swiftly devises a way to use this notion of the army of the dead to her advantage, and she turns her back on her promise for a truce. Has she lost her brother-lover forever?



#2. Littlefinger's comeuppance


It's far too uncommon that a villain gets what they deserve in this story, but when they do, it's so, so satisfying. Littlefinger has been at the top of my 'most hated character' list since I first met him when reading the books, and this was a dream come true to see him finally meet justice. And what a way to do it. Go Starks!



#1. The reveal


It's a clever sequence — the discussion between Bran and Samwell Tarly is cut with the long-expected love scene between Daenerys and Jon. The complexities that will eventuate from their lovemaking, in the wake of the truth that not only is Jon Snow Daenerys's nephew, but that he is no bastard at all and is the true heir to the Iron Throne, will no doubt form a thick thread of the plot in season 8, and we're all looking forward to learning how the cards fall.



Bonus moment. Ice, Ice Dragon.


The very final scene of the season shows the Night King on board the zombiefied Viserion, using his now blue fire to tear down the wall. It means the army of the dead are on their way, and perhaps we will see them in Winterfell early next season. I'm worried about Tormund Giantsbane and even Beric Dondarrion (I've grown to like him and his eye patch over the last couple of seasons) and I hope they make it out alive. The scene was visually fantastic, though I reckon it will ultimately mark another major difference between the show and the books. There's been so much talk of the horn of Joramun in the books, it's my belief that it will have more to do with tearing down the wall than a dragon. Well, folks, I've said it now, let's see if I'm right.



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