August 7, 2017

"Gareth, a homeless old eccentric had become her only friend in the world."


 A bearded Terrence Stamp would make the perfect Gareth.


Gareth is a major character in The Borderlands: Journey. He is an old homeless man who lives in an empty, tumbling down hospital in Glasgow. He has a cat called Cat, and more than anything, he loves to sail his little boat up and down the Clyde River where he catches the odd fish and observes nature in the pockets of a concrete landscape. Though, he also sails further out to sea on occasion to visit and old and secret friend.


Gareth makes frequent trips to sea in his little boat. 


Gareth is the only friend to main character, Dale, and they formed a close camaraderie since they first met when Dale was twelve years old. Gareth encouraged Dale to spend the summer of her sixteenth year sailing the length of the Clyde with him and Cat, out to sea. Dale is only too happy to say goodbye to her dominating mother and the bullies at her school, and escape with Gareth for a whole summer. But, what Dale doesn't know, is that Gareth has alternative reasons for wanting to get Dale away.


 Gareth always wears a green crystal. Sometimes, it seems to glow.


By all appearances Gareth has sunk rather low in life. He is homeless and, much to Dale's disapproval, he is rather too partial to drink. But there's something about Gareth that Dale doesn't know ... until it is too late. He always wears a green crystal around his neck. Out of habit he frequently rubs it between his fingers. Sometimes it glows too brightly to be anything natural, and indeed, supernatural elements are very important to Gareth and the power that he still wields. But Gareth no longer holds the power he once did, will the power his crystal stores be enough to protect Dale?


 Gareth could once wield much power, does he still have what it takes to protect Dale?


Some quote from Gareth:


"Now don't forget about cat; he's missed you."


"You've done well, lass."


"She don't hate you, lass ... She don't understand you is all. There be a difference."


"I won't tell you. Not now ... Not ever."






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