The Borderlands — A Contemporary Fantasy Adventure Series

July 31, 2017

The Borderlands trilogy is a modern day Fantasy that pretty much has it all: fae, elves, sprites, gnomes, Seelie, sorcery, mystery, a little romance, and a cat called... Cat.




If you enjoy contemporary fantasy coming of age stories, this series is for you. But don't take my word for it, here's what the reviewers have said about the story so far...


 "...the fantastical elements leap off the page..."


"The plot contains many twists and turns ending with what the reader would least expect."


"I was swept away from the beginning..."


 "Great characters and excellent writing make this a book I would highly recommend..."


"...such an interesting adventure to follow..."


"A well written, highly entertaining story that sparked my imagination to the fullest."


"I would recommend this book for a summer read for teens and adults who like an adventure."


"I know more is coming and can be assured it will be as powerful as the first two books."




Right now, Book One of the series is Free. So go grab your copy!



 Book One, The Borderlands: Journey, is free for a short time. Grab your copy now!


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