July 17, 2017

"For he comes the human child, to the waters and the wild, with a faery, hand in hand, from a world more full of weeping than he can understand." – 'The Stolen Child' by W.B. Yeats


 Beware the Fae in the wilds...


The Fae are a famed mythological presence who have inspired thousands of poems, books, songs and films, over the centuries. They appear in forests, gardens and graveyards and will steal your baby and replace it with an imposter if you're not careful. They are as mysterious as they are elusive, and we're never quite sure if we can trust them. My Contemporary Fantasy series, The Borderlands, features them... well, in a way. Spoilers are ahead.


 Many have powerful magicks in the Borderlands


The Borderlands is made up of a society of people some call Fae and others call Seelie. They are a magical race who are capable of enchantments on such a grand scale the most powerful among them could enchant the entire planet of Earth, if they chose to, and some of them do. It begs the question, are we all living under a spell woven by a member of the Fae?


 Not all the Seelie practise magic. Some learn a trade such as hunting


While 'Fae' is not a word used commonly in 'The Borderlands' trilogy, the people who dwell there call themselves the similarly aligned 'Seelie', and being set in Scotland, this makes sense. The Seelie in 'The Borderlands' are made up of three major races – the Novu (those with round ears), the Seru (those with pointed ears), and the Dwarvins (a little people who live primarily in the mountains). Contrary to popular belief, not all of them are capable of powerful magicks. Most of them learn a trade in their native village or town within the Borderlands. Though some of them do indeed hold such power as to ensorcel a whole planet! In The Borderlands, the Seelie people rarely cross over to the realm of Earth, but when they do trouble abounds.



The Borderlands: Journey – Book One in the magical fantasy adventure series











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