GoT 7 is coming! Jog your memory with these top 10 moments from Season 6

July 11, 2017

Right now, politics on planet Earth seem a touch crazier than even the machinations in Westeros and over the Narrow Sea, but at least they have dragons there. With Game of Thrones Season 7 hitting our screens in a week, it's a good time to refresh the memory with some choice highlights from last season. Here's my top ten moments from Season 6. Enjoy...



#10 Smalljon Umber tells Ramsay exactly what he thinks


Likable antagonists are always popular, and Smalljon Umber is a classic example of why. His actions are rather deplorable in this scene, but the way he tells Ramsay Bolton exactly what he thinks of him is satisfying in the extreme.




#9 The Queen of Thorns tells those annoying little sand snakes to "let the grown women speak."


Old women usually get ignored in television and Hollywood films, but Lady Olenna of House Tyrell destroys that stereotype. She's smart, sharp, powerful and doesn't suffer fools. Remember her dialogue in this scene? She puts those annoying little girls in their place.





#8 Lady Lyanna Mormont, a little girl and a force to be reckoned with


While Lady Olenna smashes stereotypes about old women, Lady Lyanna Mormont is doing the same at the other end of the age spectrum. As a young girl, she's supposed to be interested in being beautiful and playing with dolls, probably. But she couldn't give a flying crow crap about all of that.




#7 Samwell steals his father's sword


That moment when Samwell Tarly stands up to his bully father in the best possible way – he steals the family sword. Can't wait to see what happens next with Heartsbane. It's one of the few Valyrian steel swords left in the kingdom. No doubt, it'll meet some white walkers in the future, and will Samwell be the one to wield it?




#6 Sansa and Jon are reunited


After all they'd been through, this was such a touching scene, perfectly executed. Have your kerchiefs at the ready *sniff*.




#5 The Red Woman


This was such a 'wow' moment. No one predicted this. Just how old is Melissandre?




#4 Dany burns the temple


When the Mother of Dragons outsmarts those smarmy Khals I was cheering from the couch!




#3 That battle


It took 25 days, 600 crew, 500 extras and 80 horses to make, and covers a huge 22 minute chunk of the penultimate episode – and I was glued to it for every second. This is quite simply the best fantasy battle scene ever.




#2 That resurrection


Wasn't it a happy day :D And don't you love the wolf's acting? Did I mention I want a direwolf for Christmas this year?




#1 Dragons!


Number one was always going to be about those dragons.



Bonus Entry!


A list of GoT 6 top moments wouldn't be complete without that jaw-dropping scene when Cersei destroys the Sept of Baelor and her enemies in one fiery swoop. And here it is for your viewing pleasure...





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