May 22, 2017

"Her hair was still red. And nobody liked red hair."


A young Rose Leslie would be perfect cast as Dale. 


Dale is the main character in The Borderlands: Journey. At sixteen Dale already has a few challenges. She feels like an "anomaly" at home and is always arguing with her overbearing mother who tries to mould Dale into her ideal of the perfect daughter. At school, Dale faces the brunt of bullies who tease her for her hair and the fact that she once told a 'friend' that she believed in elves.


Dale has a few secrets she keeps well hidden lest her mother make her visit psychologists again. Dale can see auras. She's not sure what the auras mean, all she knows is that when she opens her sight and concentrates she can see the clouds of colorful light that surround each person. One night, she makes the fateful mistake of telling the secret she's kept deep within to Rhys, the new boy at school, and the next day in class, she pays for it.


 As a child, Dale saw many imaginary creatures, including dragons.


Dale's only friend in the world is a homeless man called Gareth. She spends much time with the old man sailing their little boat up and down the Clyde River. One night, after a brutal day of bullying at school (thanks to Rhys and that secret), and another argument with her mother, Dale runs to Gareth knowing he would listen, and Dale's world is turned upside down. Gareth is murdered right in front of her, and Dale knows the murderer! She has to flee, and make it to the Borderlands if she is to survive. She's been led to believe the Borderlands is where she belongs, but is that true? And can she even make it to them?


 Dale is the main character in The Borderlands series.



Quotes from Dale:


"Some kids at school ... They make things difficult." 


"When I was young I used to see things ... they were like magical creatures, I suppose. Like gnomes and fairies and sprites and small dragons. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? ... The thing is – I thought they were real."


"I feel like I know these Borderlands you speak of. Is it true? Or is it just my imagination?"




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