The Borderlands

March 27, 2017

The Borderlands is a major setting in my Contemporary Fantasy trilogy of the same name. If you haven't read the first book, 'Journey', just be warned there's a few minor spoilers in this article.



"Slowly, the trees came into view, along with the promised shoreline. The mists swirled and a jetty was revealed."


The Borderlands is a mystical world with natural portals connecting it with Earth and other planets. Its borders are shrouded in mists and anyone seeking to enter and stay must first endure tests to prove their worth.


Arcadia is the largest city nestled deep within the Borderlands. A palace overlooks the populace. 


Deep within the Borderlands lies the beautiful city of Arcadia, "The jewel of the mountains." And overlooking the city is the palace. This is the realm of the Seelie court, ruled by Queen Anwyn, defenders of balance and harmony.


The Verge is now a terrifying battleground. 


The Seelie live in a vast land in the mountains and valleys of the south. The Unseelie (champions of chaos) live in the Underlands to the north, and between the two enemies lies a stretch of land known as the Verge. The Verge is supposed to be neutral ground, a wide barrier between the Seelie and Unseelie. But recent times have seen old hostilities resurface and the two ancient enemies now use this vast valley as their battle ground.


The Forbidden Forest is protected by magical shields so that only the animals or those of the First may enter. 


The Verge also connects to another realm, to the west. The Forbidden Forest – the domain of the all powerful First. The Forbidden Forest is only accessible to the elusive people of the First. Mirage-like wards border the forest ensuring only those who are entitled pass through.


 All sorts of magical creatures exist in the Borderlands.


Magic is everywhere in the Borderlands, but few are talented enough to undertake the arduous training needed to become a sorcerer. Magic is an accepted and necessary part of life and war. All sorts of magical creatures exist including sprites, gnomes, sylphs, pixies, salamanders, and more – all known as the free spirits. But few hold the power necessary to control them.


 In The Borderlands: Journey Dale sets out to find the mysterious Borderlands. But if she finds them will she belong? 

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