A new year, a new-look website!

January 16, 2017

Welcome to my brand new website!


I've been very happy with my old Blogger site. It has served me well since I first started my writing/publishing journey in 2011. But it's time to move on...


Self-publishing and writing advice fills my twitter and Facebook feeds, and email inbox, and they all shout the fact that authors need a professional looking website. That's what I've attempted to do here, using Wix (which is dead easy and pretty cheap too). However, while I agree that it's important to have a good-looking site that allows readers to find you and your work, I'm not convinced that a simple blogspot or wordpress site isn't good enough. They're just fine, actually. So why the change?


My old site was essentially a blog, and I treated it as such, blogging pretty religiously for six years. Blogging, as much as I enjoy it, is very time consuming. I wanted a site that didn't have blogging as the central feature. There's truckloads of blogs out there that give writing and publishing advice, and book reviews, and they do it much better than I can. So, I've decided to use my time doing what I do best – writing fantasy books.


On this new site I'll still be blogging, but only occasionally, and most posts will stick strictly to topics about my books. I've got three series out now, and another three busting to get out of my head and onto the page, so I need more time to write! Now that I'm not blogging regularly, I'll be able to do more writing. Let's hope I actually do more writing and not just increase my duck-watching time! But if I do, I'm sure you won't blame me – ducklings are very, very cute...


Have a look around the new site and make yourself at home. 

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