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What I'm Writing Now

Anyone looking at my publishing timeline may be wondering when I'll be releasing the next book. Well, I've been chipping away at a major new work for a while now. Actually, a couple of them.

My current WIP is inspired by a classical times.

I have a semi complete first novel for a brand new series I will be releasing next year (hopefully). I'm excited at the prospect of starting a fourth series, and I really enjoyed exploring new ideas and sub-genres as I wrote the first novel and sketched out the entire timeline. This series will sit within the paranormal mystery genre, so readers who really enjoyed my Rise of the Dark Ones trilogy may be interested. It won't be a 'vampire' book, though the odd vampire will no doubt make an appearance as the series goes on. But first I have a giant book to finish.

Yes, another doorstopper like Dragonshade, and like Dragonshade it will form another 'chronicle' in my epic fantasy series The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic. I have completed about 70% of the total manuscript and word count now exceeds 180 000 words. I was hoping it would be a little slimmer than Dragonshade with its huge word count of 230 000 words, but I'm beginning to wonder...

So this third book in The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic, is set in a classical world in which I have borrowed (stolen) heavily from our real world history of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. The thing that slows me down quite a lot with epic fantasy is having to invent everything within the world. World building is a huge task with any genre, but I do find it very time-consuming and energy-zapping when it comes to epic fantasy in particular. As a keen epic fantasy reader myself, I know full well the pleasure readers experience and expect with a rich fantasy setting, thus this step cannot be fast-tracked.

However things are moving along more swiftly now and in future updates I will begin the process of chapter reveals and perhaps even a title reveal. Stay tuned!

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