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TSCOLM #3 Blurb Reveal

My current WIP, Book #3 of The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic is on its way. While I finish it I'll be posting blurb, chapter and cover reveals to my monthly newsletter, so if you want to read more be sure to sign up.

Here's the blurb for TSCOLM #3:

Eight fools marched up the mountain, into the dragon’s lair…

The Solan Realm is ruled by the new religion known as the Faith, and worship of all gods but the Dei is forbidden. Enslavement has also been outlawed, though somehow the Solan Military continues to own slaves.

Grigorius Krell is one of the last soldier slaves in the Realm, but not for much longer. His long-awaited dream of freedom is finally within his grasp, and will be granted after one final mission – a secret quest.

When Grigor finds himself travelling north with a band of utter fools he begins to wonder if the mission is nought but a jest, until he learns their destination – the dreaded Black Mountain. Soon enough the old, folk rhyme haunts the minds of Grigor and his fellow soldiers…

Eight fools marched up the mountain,

into the dragon’s lair.

Black gold filled the tunnels,

Tempting them to dare.

Grigor knows he is nothing but a pawn in the Faith’s desperate search for the rare and precious rock, Veridian. As their descent into the mountain turns deadly, with an unseen enemy before them, Grigor quickly learns his beloved freedom could come sooner than expected – in the shape of death. His only hope lies with the old gods. But do they still hear him?

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