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Story Insights: Iluna

"The child is cursed. That is as clear as my foot ... I can see it. As can you. We know what has to be done."

A young Tinsel Korey would be perfect cast as Iluna

Iluna is the lead character in The Raven. She is known for her jet black hair, dark eyes and aloof nature. It was difficult to find an actress who would fit the bill, but after much searching I found Tinsel Korey who would be perfect cast in the role of Iluna.

Iluna's birth came after much ill luck had befallen the Wolf Clan, including the death of her parents – her mother died during childbirth. The Circle of Elders made the decision to sacrifice the infant Iluna, and the clan's soragan, Izhur, was charged with undertaking the task. However, when he tried to fulfill his duty, the gods intervened, and Iluna was saved. But the Wolf Clan never trusted Iluna, or her strong Gift, and she was treated as an outcast.

As Iluna's magic grows, clan members become more wary and distrustful

Forced to spend more time by herself, Iluna's special gift begins to grow of its own accord. Izhur taught her as much as he could about her powers, and how to hide them. But when he is forced to abandon their lessons, Iluna's powers grow as she heeds the voice of nature – the most powerful teacher – and the Wolf Clan become more wary. Little do they know, when evil does reach its inevitable peak, Iluna will be their only hope.

Some quotes from Iluna:

"You're going to punish me, aren't you?"

"We're safe. All of us. For now. They won't attack again before the next Agria."

"He uses some dark magic now, and he looks for me often. He spies on me ... You were looking for me too."

"Vengeance is the path to savagery. I will not own it. You will do as I say, or I will enchant you. We had an agreement."

Iluna also appears in the follow on short story trilogy, 'Iluna's Song'. The first story is now available exclusively to Aderyn's newsletter subscribers. Sign up to get a free copy of The Doom of Arlg-Teg, and learn more about Iluna's story.

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