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Story Insights: Emma

"My name is Emma. I work at a very large and famous museum, in a city that is also large and famous."

Emma is the main character in my vampire mystery, The Viscount's Son. I was inspired to create a character whose passions tempted her down a dark path.

Emma is a book conservator whose job entails working with ancient texts. She loves history, especially the sixteenth century, and when she comes across a diary from that very era she cannot resist its mystery. Her colleague, Jack, believes the diary is a fake, but Emma isn't convinced, and she embarks on a mission to translate the intriguing story within the diary's pages on to a blog.

Being an expert in her field, Emma is more than qualified to unravel the secrets the diary holds, however she is also naive, to a degree, and in her enthusiasm she doesn't realise the danger she is putting herself in until it is too late. Emma finds her personal life taking on increasing similarities to the unfolding story within the pages of the ancient diary. She must reassess her desire for knowledge, for there are dark secrets that are too dangerous to know.

Does Emma survive? And if so, in what form?

The Viscount's Son is the first book in Aderyn Wood's vampire mystery trilogy.

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