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Spirit Gate by Kate Elliot

Kate Elliott's Spirit Gate provides a hearty serving of all the elements that make epic fantasy irresistible for true aficionados of the genre. It weaves a tale in a realm known as the Hundred, where a sinister force lurks, threatening the fabric of this multi-faceted world comprised of diverse nations, religions, and cultures.

The narrative unfolds through multiple character perspectives – a storytelling technique I personally relish. It introduces us to a fascinating cast, each carrying their own intrigue and mystery. While the emotional connection with them may not have been as profound as I've experienced in other series, their journeys piqued my curiosity enough to secure my return for the second installment of this trilogy.

Elliott's world-building deserves a standing ovation. She presents us with an inventive and elaborate landscape where law-enforces (of a kind), known as Reeves, soar through the skies on giant eagles, due to an ancient bond rooted in magic. Other characters possess the ability to see ghosts, adding a layer of the supernatural to an already complex world.

The plot brims with political subterfuge, my favourite trope in fantasy. Elliott masterfully weaves themes of power and enslavement, providing ample food for thought within the tale.

While some readers may have found Spirit Gate's detailed and rich narrative overwhelming, I implore you not to be dissuaded. After all, isn't this intricate exploration and immersion the very essence of why we delve into the world of epic fantasy?

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