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Aderyn's Monthly-ish Newsletter

Have you signed up to my monthly-ish newsletter yet? There's a few reasons why you should...

Be the first to know about the next release

If you've enjoyed one or two of my books, and you'd like to know what else is in the works from Aderyn Wood, then signing up to my newsletter is the best way to keep up to date with all my writing projects.

Get a free book

Not only will you receive news and updates about my work and upcoming releases, but you'll also get a free book or follow-up story of your choice on sign-up.

Be in the know about promos and exclusive giveaways

My newsletters are brief and to the point, and they're a great way to learn firsthand about promotions I'm running. There's also regular book insights and giveaways open only to newsletter subscribers.

Find more fantasy authors to read

I'm always on the look out for quality fantasy fiction, and sharing other good fantasy authors for you to check out is a regular feature in my newsletters.

Sign up below to join the newsletter and choose your special gift!

*Your email will never be shared, and you have the option to unsubscribe any time. For more information, read Aderyn's privacy policy.

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