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A new decade...

2020 sounds so very... futuristic. I took the time to have a good look at my website and blog over the festive period, and let's just say they didn't look particularly 'new decade'. It's cliche, I know, but the start of a new year is such a great time to do a bit of sprucing (I also spruced up the bathroom cupboard which resembled a dog's breakfast and now looks like a Marie Kondo masterpiece).

Time to ride off into the future with a spruced up website.

So, what's new? Well I modernised the old home page, added a new section all about my free reads, and updated my Newsletter Sign-up. A new colour here, some pretty pics, and quite a bit of deleting there, and I've ended up with a more streamlined and organised patch here on the internet.

What about this blog? I'm sure we'd all agree that blogging is so 'last decade' or even the decade before, so this blog is more a way for me to get the word out about my monthly free promotions and upcoming releases. Though I'll also be using it for something new... book insights.

Every month I'll be including some snippet of trivia with my newsletter – some juicy bit of secret information about one of my books, and I'll pass that on to this blog... eventually. Of course if you want those snippets straight up... did I mention my newsletter? Can't wait to post the first one, coming soon...

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