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A new author bio

I've recently updated my author bio on my Amazon author page and have shared it below...

Who can resist the mystery and magic that is fantasy? The haunting beauty of a dark moonlit forest. The terror of a monster in the wilds, driven mad by bloodlust. The endless and futile quest of good asserting its precarious dominance over evil. Fantasy fiction caught me early and has never left my side.

What attracts me most to the fantasy genre is its irresistible lure of mystery. Are there more than shadows that lurk in the darkness? Magic is another big attraction, and I love to explore superhuman capabilities as well as the harrowing limitations a good magic system entails. Finally, I get lost in the richness of setting that must always accompany fantasy – epic fantasy particularly. Please enjoy my contributions to the genre:

The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic: A collection of epic fantasy standalone novels set within the same world across different timelines from prehistory, early civilisations and dark age kingdoms. Readers describe this series as full of “intrigue”, “detailed world building”, “magic”, and “just masterful.” A series for readers who truly love epic fantasy.

Rise of the Dark Ones: A classic vampire tale with unpredictable twists and turns. This one’s for lovers of paranormal mystery and dark fantasy. Readers describe it as “thrilling”, “spelling-binding”, and “not the usual vampire story”.

The Borderlands: A Young Adult fantasy adventure about sixteen year old Dale who is different in more ways than one. What’s so special about Dale? That’s what she must learn if she is to escape the dark sorcerer who wants her dead. Readers describe the series as “fast paced”, with “edge of your seat suspense”, that ends how “you’ll least expect”.

I welcome all to my website to learn more. Sign up to my newsletter if you want to ensure you don’t miss my next release.

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