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Something to read in 2020

Got a new Ereader for Christmas? Or looking for books to add to your list for 2020? Interested in YA fantasy? Here's one for free, set in a land far, far away...

The Borderlands is a YA fantasy adventure series

The Borderlands begins with sixteen year old misfit, Dale, who has trouble with bullies at school and an overbearing mother at home. Dale keeps a secret deep inside – she can see auras. As a child she saw much more – strange little creatures like gnomes and sprites used to dominate her world, until her mother did away with them through visits to psychologists. When a new boy, Rhys, starts at school, Dale is compelled one night to tell him all her little secrets, but this turns out to be a bad idea. The bullies have a field day.

Dale escapes her daily tortures, but does she leap from the frying pan to land in the fire? The bullies were one thing. A dark sorcerer is something else altogether. To find out more you can get a copy of the first book, The Borderlands: Journey, right now. It's free for a few days only.

Get your free copy of Book One now

(free for a few days only)

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon DE

Amazon AU

Once you're done, get your copy of Book Two, The Borderlands: War.

And Book Three, The Borderlands: Return.

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