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The Pharaoh's Mistress

Dark Paranormal Mystery (Vampire Fiction)

“But vampires don’t dream. Do they?”

Emma and Michael escaped the slayer’s castle, but the vampire hunter pursues them in earnest, determined to use Emma as bait to draw out a much bigger fish – the oldest and most powerful vampire on Earth. 

But something else draws Emma east and it calls to her in human-like dreams. As the mysterious pull heightens, Emma’s new vampire instincts grow increasingly erratic. Michael suffers his own demons and the longer he stays with Emma the more difficult it becomes to resist certain desires of the flesh.

As they race deeper into the desert, a brush with Emma’s maker – the infamous viscount’s son, Nathaniel Chartley; along with Michael’s new chum, Georgette, reveals that they may be on the cusp of the end of days.

It will mean the end for someone – slayer, vampire or human? 

An entire species is about to die out.

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