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Free reads from Aderyn Wood


Interested in reading some of Aderyn's stories for free? Here's how...


Sign up to Aderyn's monthly-ish newsletter

The easiest way to ​indulge in some freebies is to sign up to Aderyn's monthly-ish newsletter. When you sign up you'll be given the choice of receiving a free book or story. Aderyn also offers exclusive giveaways to newsletter subscribers.

Kindle Unlimited

All Aderyn's books are currently enrolled in KU, so if you're already a subscriber you can read Aderyn's series there. If not, find out more here.

Monthly freebies

Every month Aderyn runs free promotions on one of her books. The best way to be informed of when a promotion is running is to sign up to the newsletter, the second best way is to keep an eye on Aderyn's blog.

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