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Epic Fantasy



In the sweeping desert realm of Zraemia, an ancient prophecy stirs – the Great War to Come will turn the world to ash, and one king will emerge to rule all.

The enemy king aspires to the seat of supreme ruler, and with the weight of a mighty army at his back, most would concede his ascension. But one ruler stands in his way. His daughter, Princess Heduanna, is a natural-born seer who receives visions from the goddess – divinations that foretell a different fate for Zraemia.

Beyond the Sea of Death, a fierce ally awaits, in a strange land of forests and mountains. The goddess has revealed the wild people who call it home will fight for Zraemia in the Great War to Come. But if Heduanna’s interpretation is wrong, thousands will perish. The visions take their toll on Heduanna, and as the goddess grows distant, the enemy-king’s army grows more powerful by the day.

Alliances are pushed to the brink as a war like no other looms – a war that will tear the world apart. For from the shadows, a dark new order is building, one that hungers for the blood of battle, and a king of their own, 

When the gods speak, ancient cities burn.

'The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic' is a collection of standalone Epic Fantasy novels that will take readers on a journey into a rich new fantasy world. Enjoy stepping into the dark days of time in this sweeping ancient tale. 'Dragonshade' is the second Chronicle in a collection set in a vibrant new world by Aderyn Wood.

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