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Welcome to my world

If you're a fantasy fiction fan looking for new worlds to explore, pull up a seat and make yourself at home.

Fantasy is my passion. I write within the wide ranging sub-genres of paranormal, contemporary and epic fantasy. If it's fantasy I'll write it and all its creatures – wizards, sprites, elves, vampires, sorcerers, dragons, demons, and of course dwarfs – they all get a mention in at least one series. My books have a sense of adventure and mystery, and I can't resist a good twist. I love to keep my readers guessing.

Aderyn Wood

About Aderyn

From high fantasy to paranormal, Aderyn's stories cover the broad spectrum of Fantasy. Inspired from childhood by the wonder and mystique of Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising and the adventures in Tolkien's The Hobbit, her love of the Fantasy genre has been life long. As a writer, Aderyn brings characters and places to life in stories filled with magic, mystery, and a good dollop of mayhem. 

Aderyn studied Literature, History and Creative Writing at university, travelled the world, and taught English before becoming a full-time writer. She is also a part-time farmer passionate about self-sufficiency and poultry. She lives in a cosy cottage on a small farm in Victoria, Australia with partner Peter, their dog, cat, and a little duck called Snow.

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